…A Novel Approach, continued….Name Change


The little cottage stood out more than expected. It had a red clay tile roof line and sand-colored adobe finish similar to every other dwelling on the quiet, narrow street, though each house flaunted varying bright Southwestern colors on doors and window trims in an attempt to differentiate it from its neighbors. Unlike other cottages, the back yard of the one being observed contained a large swimming pool and was protected by an eight-foot-tall adobe wall.

Today’s mission was simple: provide incontrovertible proof that the target was alive and resided here in Caliente, New Mexico. Once that was established, other plans would be set in motion.

Giamonti, who considered himself a “typical” assassin, much preferred shooting with guns as opposed to sighting with the unfamiliar digital camera and smartphone he’d been instructed to use today, but no one ever questioned the bosses.