Rare Treat For Feathered Friends


As summer slides deeper into the most sultry days of August, more and more birds congregate in the yard for their annual feast of beauty berries – glorious to the eye and luscious to eat, even before fully ripened. When mature, the berries are a luminous amethyst color that rivals the most exquisite jewel.


Fun To Watch? Disaster In the Making


Our city received a deluge of more than 20 inches of rain in the course of a day and a half. There is historic flooding throughout the neighborhoods, especially those near the river. Rescuers and their boats and vehicles drew onlookers curious and worried about their neighbors. Secretly happy the damage is not (yet) their own – but more intense rain is forecast to begin momentarily. That rain will fall on over-saturated ground, unable to drain into a swollen river whose waters already exceed flood stage.