Gag order is long overdue

Up to a few weeks ago, I paid no attention to the negative remarks I heard concerning the killer’s defense attorney, Tommy Guilbeau. I’ve now joined the ranks of folks who think he’s a fairly miserable human being (I forced myself to rewrite my original comment), because of what I view as his unscrupulous behavior. His client, Seth Fontenot, shot and killed one teenager and wounded two others, one of whom is my grandson, as they were driving home, a home only a few houses away from Fontenot’s house. Some days later Guilbeau “gave” an interview to a previously discredited (and I thought out of business) website called “Busted in Acadiana” where Guilbeau alleged that the 3 teenagers had stolen beer from a convenience store – which is NOT true – and that the boys tried to break in to Fontenot’s truck – which is also NOT true. Only Guilbeau knows why he alleged these things to that particular site. One possible reason that I can think of, might have been to prejudice the jury pool, which is something I mentioned to my family when I first saw it. Could it be the old classic “the best defense is a good offense”? Could it perhaps be the ONLY possible defense for Fontenot’s actions?

Apparently I’m not the only one to feel that Guilbeau’s comments could be prejudicial, as yesterday the prosecutor finally asked the judge for a gag order on attorneys and witnesses. Of course, at this point, the horse is out of the barn.

In the meantime, the two surviving boys are back in school but find themselves in the position of having to defend themselves from unwarranted allegations and suspicions while they are trying to come to terms with the horrific murder of their friend, all while they’re trying to recover from the gunshot wounds they themselves suffered. The trauma of the wounds will heal, but the emotional trauma will be with them for the rest of their lives.

I don’t often take the side of The Daily Advertiser, but in this instance I give them high praise for their sensitivity and balance in how they present this highly charged news event. Someone in their News Dept. obviously conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism.

2 thoughts on “Gag order is long overdue

  1. Hello Helen, I am so very sorry for what you and your family are enduring. My Goodness! You’ve had a great deal on your plate. I pray that justice will be served and that healing can begin for you all. Is it weird that I miss chatting with you? I look forward to you continuing with your journey in writing. I’m a follower, so I’ll know when you’ve posted.

    • Pam, hi! Thank you so much for your prayers. I miss chatting with you, too, and now our Child Welfare studies are nearly completed, which will separate us even a little more. Young William’s unexpected gunshot wound stopped me dead in my tracks. He is back in school, playing baseball, acting like a young teenager, and he now has a driver’s permit, besides – while I, on the other hand, am surprised to still be strongly affected! I stopped thinking about writing and focused solely on completing my studies. Hopefully, Dr. McKinney will post everyone’s papers, because I’m sure that yours is spectacular. You impress me so much, Pam! I’d love to see you be our nation’s education secretary one day, or the head of HHS. HB

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