Ok, so now there are currently multiple roadblocks, life-size, in fact, that this writing journey has run up against. One popped up as a married daughter with health issues who needs me to shepherd her through the maze of hospital mumbo-jumbo. The other, even worse roadblock, stopped the entire family in mid-breath. Our young teenage grandson and 2 of his friends were shot last night as they drove down a quiet residential street. One boy was killed, one shot in the leg, and our boy was shot in the head. Miraculously, the .38 bullet that hit our grandson missed his spine by a cm and the artery by less than that. The bullet is lodged in his jaw for now. The shooter himself was caught quickly and is only 18 years old himself. We’ve heard that he was/is a college cheerleader. These 2 roadblocks are practically the sole topics of family conversation, with every fragment of information being picked over and picked over, in the hopes that we can gain understanding and regain our balance. No time right now to consider doing anything else.

2 thoughts on “Roadblock

  1. Helen, I just ran across your blog ‘Writers Block’ and read about the shooting. I did not realize that was your grandso . So sorry, how is he doing?

    • Diane, how ARE you? You would think, wouldn’t you, that all the stresses of life would calm down after a few decades? That certainly isn’t the case, even when you’ve maneuvered yourself into what you believe is a comfortable position, insulated against the traumas of the world. But God has a quirky sense of humor that delights in keeping us off balance and completely unprepared for even the next hour, let alone the next days, weeks, and years. You can imagine our alarm when darling William, who we still think of as a tottering little tyke, was shot. That bullet missed his spinal cord by a centimeter, passing neatly between his spine and his brain’s blood supply, before it lodged firmly in the bone of his jaw, where it still is even now. The surgeon said removal would be too risky, so there it stays. It’s the strangest thing, William says – when he runs to catch a baseball, he can hear the breeze swishing past his cheek………the killer/shooter is out on bond, living with his father, who apparently is a police officer in a nearby town. We have no idea what kind of time frame we’re looking at before the trial begins. Thanks for asking about him, Diane! HB

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